Joe Anderson, Director
Michael D. Jones, Sr., Composer​
"Lost Flight" centers around a young girl ​​who is the sole survivor of a plane crash. She checks into the same hotel as the flight crew, which included her parents, who died in the crash. Dreams and flashbacks are part of the story as she tries to come to terms with this past.
Lost Flight
Written by Jessie McCorvey, Leah King,
​Michael D. Jones​, Sr.

Leah King, Vocals​
All music written and arranged by Michael D. Jones​, Sr.

FARMORMIKE Productions 2012

"Lost Flight" Trailer 2012
Joe Anderson, Director
Michael D. Jones, Sr. Composer
Michael D. Jones, Sr. Composer,  Leah King, Vocalist
Joe Anderson, Director​​
On the red carpet at the Durham Convention Center​